Backing Up Your Data

Backing Up Your Data

On Vista/Windows 7, the definitions of your saved pages from Internet Owl are stored in this directory:
C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Spiral Software\Internet Owl\2.0
where USERNAME is whatever you login as.
If you are using XP, the directory is slightly different:
C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\Spiral Software\Internet Owl\2.0
You should ensure this directory is backed up.
Need a free back program? You can try the freeware Syncback
For my own backup needs, I use a combination of the commercial programs SyncBack SE, Acronis trueimage and dropbox.
Large external USB hard drives are now really cheap, so you really owe it to yourself to backup your data regularly.

Version 2.0.991 is released

Version 2.0.991 is released.
The new version contains a number of stability fixes, plus a couple of new features:
Proxy support
If you are behind a company firewall and need to manually specify your proxy settings, you can now do so
See the Settings/Proxy screen.
Update Checks
Update checks refer to Internet Owl checking for an updated version of itself.
By clicking the box, you’ll automatically be notified when there is a newer version of the program.
If you wish to manually check for program updates, you can click About/Check for updates.
Shutdown Internet Owl before running the installer.
Do not uninstall the old version.

Internet Owl on Windows 7

Windows 7

I did an in-place upgrade today from Vista (64 bit) to Windows 7 (64 bit).
After the Windows upgrade, Internet Owl continued to run fine without any changes.
The taskbar now has a thumbnail preview as shown below:
The Windows 7 upgrade process was very smooth, although it took about 3 hours to complete, so it’s not something to attempt if you are in a hurry.
So for those of you who may be considering an upgrade to Windows 7, I can report that the Owl works just fine.

Build 783 is now available

Build 783 is now available
The changes are:
IMPROVEMENT: Remembers size of browser preview window
FIX: Clean shutdown
FIX: Stability improvements for older systems with IE 6
I’ve been resisting the urge to add more features.
Instead, I’m focusing on stability, and the behind the scenes tasks that need to release 2.0…I think it’s close.

Build 746 is now available for download

Build 746 is now available for download
The changes are:
FIX: Crash comparing page differences
IMPROVEMENT: The caption bar now shows a summary of pages watched and changed.
IMPROVEMENT: Included default sound

Build 708 is now available for download

Build 708 is now available for download
If you already have an earlier version 2 installed and running, the automatic update notification window should popup and let you know that a new version is ready.
In this example “Your Version” is the same as the new version, but in reality, the “New Version” number will be bigger.
The new version has lots of changes.
  • NEW: Import of Internet Owl Version 1 data
– click on the round Owl icon on the top left to access a menu
You can then select a file containing your old Internet Owl version 1 data,
which is typically stored in:
c:\program files\internet owl\internetowl.dat
  • NEW: Import of CSV format
    As shown above, click on the Owl, and select “Import CSV data”. Select a file containing CSV data.
    The format must be two columns of URL,NAME , with no header line.
  • NEW: Added clear all changes to menu on the tray icon
  • NEW: HTML differences shown if there are no visible differences
If there are no visible differences between two saved versions of a web page (because only the underlying HTML has changed), then the differences window now shows the HTML that has changed.
  • NEW: Javascript removed from pages before display
The page being displayed in the browser preview window now has javascript removed from it before being displayed.
This means pages that previously caused popup windows, or had javascript errors etc now won’t disrupt viewing of the page in Internet Owl.
There are also a myriad of small changes, such as:
  • Artwork on the installer
  • FIX: “Stop checking” not working
  • FIX: Installer putting css and images in the wrong directory. Also fixed uninstaller not removing everything it should.
  • FIX: Graceful error handling if html file for a saved page is missing
  • FIX: Differences checked for file size, and limits to 10,000 lines
  • FIX: UNDO of deleting a page
  • FIX: Deleting a folder of pages

Internet Owl build 583

A new version is available (Build 583)
The changes are:
FIX: Adding a page to a folder always went to the root folder
FIX: “The address is not valid” when showing revision that doesn’t exist
FIX: Scheduled checks wasn’t counting number of changes correctly
FIX: Update checker was checking too frequently
NEW: Icon in taskbar flashes when there are new changes
I’m currently working on drag and drop so you can move watched pages between folders….hopefully in the next release.

A new version is available (Build 565)

A new version is available (Build 565)
The changes are:
  • NEW: Added help
  • NEW: Added columns for last checked and last updated
  • NEW: Supports redirects (http 302) from https to http
  • NEW: Now checks for updates and notifies you if there is a new version
  • NEW: The installer now checks if the program is already running and prompts you to close it first.
  • FIX: Sort by status fixed

Two releases in one day…build 491 has some important fixes

Two releases in one day…
Build 491 is now available
  • FIX: Email settings wasn’t correctly reading preferences for summary/individual emails.
  • FIX: Email showing page differences was showing added lines as removed and vice versa
  • IMPROVEMENT: Watch visible content is now the default way to watch for changes, since that should suit most people.

A new version is ready (Build 473)

Version 2.0 Build 473 is ready for download.
This release is mostly focused on stability, but there are a few new features:
  • NEW: Added support for password protected pages (HTTP authentication).
  • NEW: Added a ‘test email’ function on the email settings page
  • NEW: Added a “start with windows” option so the program runs automatically
  • IMPROVEMENT: Exiting the program now confirms you meant to, and gives the option not to confirm exiting in future.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Rearranged the icons on the ribbon so the most important buttons appear first.
  • FIX: Email settings validation is now disabled if you uncheck the send email boxes.
  • FIX: The default installation directory is now “Internet Owl v2” so it doesn’t clash with version 1.
  • FIX: The title bar now displays correctly after restoring from the tray.
  • FIX: The uninstaller on Vista was showing a warning message “might not have installed successfully”.
  • FIX: The uninstaller now removes all files.
  • FIX: Large web page (>=1mb) was causing a crash
  • FIX: Small icons are now consistent with the large icons
  • FIX: Removed some default commands that shouldn’t have been displayed, like print preview.
Thanks to those that submitted problem reports.